Why is camp pricing different from last year?
Returning Briarwood campers may remember a grid of different pricing options. We have found that that this system proved rather confusing, both for campers and for Briarwood staff.
This simplified pricing helps Briarwood better anticipate what revenue we will generate, allowing us to better plan for camp-related costs. This increased efficiency will help us improve the quality of our camping ministry.
Although this cost is higher than the lowest “tier” published in recent years, we are confident that these are fair prices for Briarwood experiences. As such, it is in line with the middle “tier” of the previous grid, which was intended to reflect the “true cost of camp.”
We invite you to be in touch with us if you need assistance in affording camp (camper-ship scholarships are available) or if you are able to contribute toward assisting others who need financial assistance. We at Briarwood want every child, teen, and young adult to experience the joy of camping!