Briarwood encompasses 60 acres of heavily wooded land, much of which is unspoiled, virgin growth.  It can comfortably serve 160 guests in a wide variety of housing units. The developed areas of the center include two large activity fields, several miles of hiking trails, and 27 buildings.



Through the commitment and vision of many faithful church leaders, Briarwood Retreat Center was purchased from the Presbyterian church in 1995.  Many upgrades and improvements were made in the early years.


In 1998, Briarwood became independent of its former agency, Lutheran Outdoor and Retreat Ministries of the Southwest (LORMS), affording more local ownership and control over its programming and facilities use.


The ministry of Briarwood is rapidly growing.  Summer camp registrations are up, weekends are booked many months in advance, and the people and congregations of the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Mission Area (NT-NL) are committed to seeing Briarwood grow.


Growing into the Future

Briarwood, in partnership with the NT-NL Mission Area, is committed to growing the leaders of today and tomorrow.  The DiscipleLife Alive Initiative is a three year response among the congregations and individuals of the NT-NL to grow leaders for the 21st century.  One of the results of the initiative will be the NT-NL Mission Center at Briarwood, a state-of-the-art online and distance training. 


This center will provide training at Briarwood and throughout the northern Texas and northern Louisiana in order to provide top-quality, cutting edge leadership formation.


The possibilities are endless as we partner with the people of the NT-NL Mission Area (and the many other denominations of the Metroplex area) and follow where our Lord is leading.




Northern Texas-Northern Lousianna Mission Area  - Offices located at Briarwood