Briarwood offers a Christian summer camp experience for youth of all ages beginning with a day camp program for those as young as 4 yrs old.  Overnight camps begin for those who have completed the 1st grade and goes all the way up through high school aged programs.  Most camp sessions run from Sunday afternoon until the following Friday evening.  Our Lutheran Youth Leadership Experience (LYLE) program runs for two weeks and is designed for those having completed the 10th grade and above.


Briarwood has a wonderful and growing summer camp ministry.  Between our

on-site day camp and our congregational day camps, we work with over 800 children and youth each summer.


With a dedicated and gift staff, we spark our children and empower our youth.  Each week during the summer we see hope, excitement, and Christian love grow in the campers.  We have seen it in a group of ten year olds turning over rocks to peer underneath, exploring nature, and a worship service held in the middle of a swimming pool.  It lies around a campfire in the evening when staff and campers commune while they tell exciting stories of courage or funny episodes of the day.


Briarwood continues to build hope in the most innocent of places - a child's heart. The camp experience strengthens the fragile, encourages the shy, and awakens the adventurous spirits that dwell in each child.


We believe that God’s purpose for Briarwood is to “provide a natural setting where people experience God’s love.” You - or your child - are invited to be a part of our summer camp program of fun, fellowship, and faith development.


Briarwood is equipped with a clean and refreshing swimming pool, air conditioned cabins (including several brand new cabins), many outdoor areas, a large dining hall, a challenge course and archery course, a new and unique labyrinth, the BEST camp food in Texas, and all the programs and activities of traditional camps.  With 7 wooded chapel sites for worship and study - and an excellent and well trained summer staff - Briarwood provides one of the best camping experiences in Texas.


If you have any questions about the dates or the programs, contact Briarwood at or 940-241-2099.

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