Summer 2020

Safety Guidelines, Restrictions and Procedures

We are thrilled that your child is joining B.A.S.E. Camp, Briarwood’s Awesome Summer Experience! We hope that these guidelines clearly communicate our concern for guest and staff safety in the midst of ongoing public health concerns.


Camper and Guardian Expectations Prior to BASE CAMP

Guardians must report if their camper has ANY of the symptoms listed below to Program Director Avery Hawley at 

-Fever or chills


-Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


-Muscle or body aches


-New loss of taste or smell

-Sore throat

-Congestion or runny nose

-Nausea or vomiting


Briarwood will be conducting daily temperature checks and verbal health evaluations on all staff and campers. All temperatures and responses will be recorded and checked for changes. If a camper has a fever or any symptom listed above they will not be permitted to attend BASE Camp.


Check in and Drop off Safety Procedures

What to expect at drop off…

  1. The parent or guardian MUST wear a face covering for the check in process.

  2. At the entrance to the parking lot a counselor will be set up at a table with camper face coverings and nametags.

  3. Parents will then park in the parking lot. At the front of Briarwood’s main building, there will be a check in table with cones at a six-foot distance. If all cone spaces are taken, parents are requested to wait with their camper in their car until a space opens.

  4. At the second check in table the health aid will scan camper temperatures with a no-touch thermometer. The health aid will also collect camper medicines, ask symptom and general health questions, and utilize an oximeter to assess overall health. All results will be recorded for future comparison.


What to expect at pick up…

  1. Our standard pick-up time 6:00pm. For any other time, please confirm 24 hours in advance with Avery Hawley at

  2. Parents MUST wear a face covering for pick up. No more than one adult should be out of their car for pick up.

  3. Park in the parking lot. At the front of Briarwood’s main building there will be a check out table cones at a six-foot distance. If all cone spaces are taken, please wait in your car until a space opens up.

  4. Counselors will collect your camper and bring them to you. They will leave their nametag to be sterilized and used for future check-ins



How are campers being kept safe throughout the day?


Group regulations


We are following CDC guidelines for summer camps:


Per CDC guidelines , campers will be divided by age into groups of no more than 10. There will be two counselors in each group, remaining with their camper groups throughout the day.


Campers are expected to wear face coverings throughout the day and to the best of their ability remain 6ft away from other campers. Group activities, including games and meals, will involve necessary adjustments within CDC guidelines.



Regular sanitization


Sanitization stations will be positioned throughout Briarwood facilities. Handwashing stations will be available, adjacent to all activities.


All spaces used by the campers, along with items touched and used by the campers, will be sanitized daily. High touch areas such as doors, and sinks will be cleaned multiple times throughout the day.



Confirmed Illness


If a BASE Camp participant demonstrates symptoms or is diagnosed with a confirmed case of COVID-19, the camper will remain anonymous and all parents will be contacted with a phone call and email instructions to pick up their campers in an organized fashion. Briarwood will then begin an intense cleaning and sanitization process that may take additional days to complete. If the camp will be closed for cleaning for any period of time you will be contacted with details.


Briarwood’s guidelines, standards, and procedures are informed by CDC guidelines with practical support from the American Camp Association and Lutheran Outdoor Ministries.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to


Thank you for helping keep Briarwood safe!