Overnight Accommodations

Quail Run

Quail Run  includes two motel type units.  Each unit contains 12 motel rooms so a total of 24.

Rooms have two double beds, private bathroom with shower, coffee station.

Quail Run also has a large lodge with two fireplaces and bathrooms near the Quail Run rooms. 

Trail's End

Trail's End has three cabins.  Trails End #1 is a new cabin and is divided into two sections with 1 twin bed and 4 bunkbeds (sleeps 8) and a bathroom in each section. Linens are provided.  Trail's End - as you may guess - is at the far end of Briarwood's property (at the end of the trail - and the road).  Trail's End #2 & #4 are our oldest cabins. Trails End also has a lodge.

Oak Grove

Oak Grove has four new cabins.  Our three newest cabins (completed in 2009) have 8 beds each (and two handicap accessible bathrooms).  Our largest cabin, built in 2007, has 12 beds (and two handicap accessible bathrooms).  Linens are provided.

The Oak Grove also has a lodge which is a great place for "gathering the troops."  It has a fireplace, meeting area, lounge area, rest rooms, and recently remodeled kitchen area.  


The Meadows consists of two buildings - the dorm and the lodge.


The Meadows Lodge is located adjacent to the dorm and includes one large meeting room, one small meeting room, restroom (including a handicapped accessible restroom), and kitchen facilities.  The Meadows complex is used for our outdoor education program and is not normally available for most of the school year.

Meadows Dorm is a dormitory style sleeping accommodation with 2 rooms, 8 beds each, for a total of 16 beds.  

Hammock Village

Hammock Village was new last year and can accommodate 32 Hammocks, which we can rent out or you can bring your own. The village is on Platforms lifted off the ground. Sleep in the outdoors and cook your breakfast on the campfire!