Summer 2020

Day Camp!

Monday - Friday   

DAY CAMP   at your Church

What is Day Camp? Day Camp combines Briarwood’s youth programs with your congregational youth ministry program for a week long session of Christian fellowship and fun.  Briarwood will provide a program, a trained counseling staff, an original Christian curriculum for Bible Study, art supplies, games, music, and more.  The congregation provides the meeting space, adult volunteers, Junior Counselors, resources from the community, and room and board for the staff.  Day Camp provides congregations with a quality Christian outdoor ministry experience which has a strong evangelism component.  It is our hope that in this partnership between local congregations and Briarwood, a Christian community will be formed in God’s direction and presence. Day Camp may be used for a community outreach program to include children from the neighborhood, friends of members, or combined with the youth from other Christian congregations.


What is the Benefit to Your Congregation?


1.    A strong, highly-visible evangelism program within your community that welcomes young families and youth into the life of your church.

2.    Bonding between adults, older youth and campers that will build relationships within your congregation and community long after Day Camp closes.

3.    Good public relations in the community as you are helping provide a service which many youth and parents will appreciate.

4.    Strengthening as a congregation as you work together to prepare, plan and execute the program.

A deposit of $500.00 is due to confirm the reservation and balance is due at the end of the camp week.

We look forward to partnering with you for your Summer Day Camp program!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have regarding Day Camp at, or at 940-241-2099 or to schedule your day camp. Below are is the Day Camp details document and the Registration form.

Summer 2020 Dates

June 22 - 26

July 13 - 17

July 20 - 24