It is truly amazing every week of the summer to look upon the smiles on camper’s faces, to experience the energy of our closing worship, and to read the evaluations of pastors and sponsors. It is clear that the ministry at Briarwood continues to powerfully impact the lives of children and youth in our Mission Area.  One participant in our ministry wrote:


This summer, I took leap and bound out of my comfort zone and made steps towards my dream.  This summer, I made lifelong friends and rekindled fires with long time friends.  All of this is something that will forever affect the outcome of my life.  There is no way I could have planned the series of seemingly random events that came together to form a work of art for me.  I am reminded of whom I am and who I can be, and the light inside of me has truly been formed by the shining beacons around me.


Your gifts empower us to be a blessing to the both the youth we serve and the young adults who serve! God has truly blessed Briarwood through your generous financial support.  Please know in your heart that anything and everything you do for Briarwood is truly appreciated!


I ask you to join me and continue your support through your financial gifts, and also through your prayers and participation as together we seek to enhance our ministry and increase its impact.  Briarwood is a 501c3 and dependent upon your situation your gifts to Briarwood may be tax deductible. 


Thank you very much for your consideration and may God bless your generosity!

Briarwood Staff



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