Briarwood Facilities

Briarwood encompasses 60 acres of heavily wooded land, much of which is unspoiled, virgin growth. It can comfortably serve 160 overnight guests in a wide variety of housing units. The developed areas of the center include two large activity fields, several miles of hiking trails, and 27 buildings. Briarwood is located just 20 minutes from DFW airport.


Briarwood is equipped several meeting facilities, a clean and refreshing swimming pool, air-conditioned motel type rooms and cabins (including several newer cabins), a new 35 foot climbing wall and a 450 foot zipline, many outdoor areas, a large dining hall, a challenge course and archery course, and a new and unique labyrinth. There are also 7 wooded chapel sites for worship and study.

See the map below and check out all the details of our great spaces!

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