Our Mission

Briarwood is an outdoor ministry that is supported by the congregations of the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church America.  We began in this area when we purchased Briarwood from the Presbyterian Church in 1995 and carrying on with the tradition already begun we have worked to make Briarwood a place where children of all ages are welcomed to experience the love of God in the beauty of God’s wonderful creation.


The leadership of Briarwood has been, and continues to be, faithful to the will of God as we provide the ministry of the church in our unique outdoor setting.  Engaging in Bible study, prayer, and listening to one another, the leadership team developed the following Purpose Statement and identified the following Guiding Principles to be the foundation for our outdoor ministry:



Purpose Statement

God’s purpose for Briarwood is to be a natural setting where people experience God’s love

Guiding Principles

  • Jesus is Lord

  • Tell the Good News

  • Everything Belongs to God

  • God Provides Abundantly

  • Prayer and Being in the Word is Central



In faithfulness to our purpose we have developed ministries that are open to all and engage people at various stages of life.  In the summer we offer both overnight camp and day camp and throughout the year we provide a variety of retreat experiences.  Our summer camp and our year-around retreat experiences are safe places where children and youth are welcomed to develop friendships; learn about, and explore the depth, of God’s love; and experience activities that lead to growth in their faith and relationship with God and one another.


In addition to our program ministries, Briarwood makes its facilities available to all, inviting churches and faith communities of different traditions, along with community and civic organizations to rent its space to support their various program needs.


In faithfulness to our Purpose and Guiding Principles we welcome all to participate in our program ministry or utilize our facilities to experience the joy of God’s love in the beauty of the outdoors at Briarwood.