Spiritual Growth at Briarwood

Briarwood’s mission is to provide a natural setting where people experience God’s love and everything we do at Briarwood is to provide campers with opportunities to experience God’s love in significant ways. Everyone truly has a lot of fun when they come to Briarwood but camp is not just about crazy and amazing activities.  Worship, Bible study and Prayer make up an important part of camp and help campers learn that they are loved by God and are an important part of a Christian community.


Our young adult counselors are passionate about the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ and they personally share their faith in leading worship and the study of God’s Word.  Our hope is that every camper experience the life changing power of God’s love through the relationships that develop between campers and their counselors, and with one another.

In the beauty of God's creation we begin every morning with a worship experience that is unlike worship in any other setting. Songs are sung, the word is proclaimed, prayers are offered and campers experience the presence of a living, and loving, God.


Bible Study

Bible study is a central part of the day at camp and every morning cabin groups gather together with their awesome counselors to explore God's Word to learn how God speaks to their experience of life. Bible studies have been specifically tailored by the Program Director, and a team of Youth and Family Ministers, specifically for Briarwood campers and each age group.